Pumpkins and Hard Squash

Pumpkins and hard shell squash are available from mid August through November and are packed in 1 1/9 bushel boxes or 25 bushel bins.


We raise green and red cabbage. Cabbage harvest begins in early June and continues into November. With our storages we can ship cabbage well into the winter months. Our cabbage is hand harvested and packed any way our customers want it. We typically pack in 50# cartons, bags, RPC's, and bulk bins.

Sweet Corn

We grow yellow, white, and bi-color sweet corn. Harvest runs from mid July through mid September. The corn is hand packed in four dozen count boxes and then hydro cooled with ice cold water within the hour to ensure maximum flavor.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are available from early July through frost; typically the end of October. Our peppers are hand harvested, washed, sorted by quality and size, and packed in 1 1/9 bushel boxes.



We grow round white, yellow, and russet potatoes. Harvest and shipping begins in late July. The crop is harvested and in the storage by late October. We continue to wash, sort, and pack potatoes through the winter months, usually until mid to late March.

We have the ability to pack in both paper and poly bags. Our standard bags are 5, 10, and 50 pounds. We also ship bulk tote bags and bulk semi loads. Our potatoes are marketed under the brand name "Choice of the Crop".