Our Strategy

We have many assets in our care; staff, customers, suppliers, land, equipment, and experience. We diligently work to maintain balance between these assets. Too much or too little of any asset reduces the efficiency of all the rest. Balance is key!


We work to develop long lasting relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, land owners, neighbors and partners in the vegetable industry. Working together toward a common goal leverages our efforts to a greater output of product and service. Realizing the most efficient use of resources serves the environment, the community and the world. Reliable and predictable service to our customers promotes their success, which we know is the foundation to our success.

Who we are...


Horkey Brothers have been growing fresh fruits and vegetables in southeast Michigan for five generations. Our farm has grown around the needs of our customers, the abilities and talents of our employees and the resources of our landlords and suppliers. Together we make a great balanced team. We work together to increase the value of the products and services that we deliver to our customers through both inovation and tried and true production practices.

About Us


We are located in Dundee, Michigan which is half way between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. We grow potatoes, sweet corn, cabbage, peppers, pumpkins and hard squash. Our products are sold to retail chains, distributors, processors, brokers, farm stands, restaurants, and churches. We raise vegetables on over 1500 acres in and around Dundee. We grow, harvest, wash, pack, and cool all of our own produce.